Which workshop is best for me?


Holistic Core Restore® Release

This workshop helps you to improve your mobility, reduce aches in your body, stretch any tight muscles and help with those posture niggles.

Breathing Workshop

In this hands on workshop you will learn a deep breathing skill that will enable you to breath deeper, correct postural alignment, as well as skills to take home and practice.

Your Pelvic Floor Workshop

In this workshop we talk and educate you on all things Pelvic Health, helping you with lots of simple effective steps on how you can re-connect, find and gain back your Pelvic Floor.


Our workshops are designed to give you a taste of what we offer within our programmes, gain a little bit of further education about your pelvic floor and core health or drop in for some well earned stretching and relaxation.


Whatever life stage you are at, there is a workshop for you!

You can find out more about the workshops by clicking on the buttons to the right, or to have a chat about any of these programmes, or for some help with choosing which programme might work best for you, you can contact Ali via the link at the bottom of this page.


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