Well Woman Assessment


It’s always good to know where you are with regards to your core and pelvic floor connection. This  assessment is a great starting point for most women when they are not sure how or where they need to start their journey.

This 60 minute assessment takes you through a comprehensive process which covers an online medical questionnaire and skills to assess your:



*Diastasis recti (tummy gap)

*Core connection

*Midline activity and integrity

*Breathing activation

*Pelvic floor activation

From this assessment we discuss the next steps for your core and pelvic floor connection and you will receive advice and tips so you can start to put the checks into place immediately.


“I had the most informative, enjoyable and yet relaxed personal session with Ali. Who knew that correct breathing improves posture, pelvic floor, rib & spinal mobility, relaxation and mind clarity? Prior to today, I thought ‘Core Restore’ was just for women who had recently given birth, but in fact it benefits everyone!” 

“I came away with an understanding of how my mind and body connect and simple but effective techniques to introduce into my daily life. Ali’s passion is infectious and her knowledge second to none. I’m already looking forward to my next session! Thank you Ali”

Mum of a 10 year old, Well Woman Assessment

Securing your place

 60 minute assessment = £40

This can be done via Zoom or from 7th September I will be offering these assessments from my home in Long Ashton on a Monday day time – following all current government guidance. 

 To check availability for this assessment or to discuss further please contact Ali using the form below

Questions about Well Woman Assessment?