Holistic Core Restore® Release


Here is an offer for you to gain a small piece of time out – just for you!

This workshop helps you to improve your mobility, reduce aches in your body, stretch any tight muscles and help with those posture niggles. 

The simple, effective exercises we use in the workshop are an essential part of any woman’s self-care toolbox. You’ll enjoy a variety of simple ways to release muscular tension that draw on self massage, myofascial movement, yoga and pilates traditions, as well as using meditation to help down train the nervous system.

 With a top to toe approach and a relaxed supportive group setting, this workshop is designed to relax you from the moment you enter the venue. 

This is for any woman who feels they need a little more mobility, to breathe a little deeper, switch off for an hour or so, or simply wants some time out to relax and release.

Securing your place

60 minute Workshop = £8

Live streaming to your home, via Zoom

Next workshops: TBC

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