Holistic Core Restore® Heat



Welcome to Holistic Core Restore® Heat where we have finally nailed exercise for fat loss that is also Pelvic Floor friendly!

It’s a no jump workout that truly will hit all the fat loss markers and jump start your metabolism and keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session. Once you’ve gone through the ‘EveryWoman’ programme or you know that your pelvic floor is ok and you have been through my thorough pre-screening service, Heat is your next step and we truly get you moving but with deep respect for your Pelvic Health. Ultimately it can be done – you can keep both feet on the ground and still have effective fat loss!

Is this the right programme for you though?

Holistic Core Restore® Heat is ideal for women:

* who have completed at least one course of our Everywoman programme

* have been through my thorough pre-screening process to ensure that your pelvic floor and core are able to cope with this programme

* want to know how to exercise to improve their fat loss with respect to your pelvic health status i.e. without huge impact/load/force going through the pelvic floor and core

* are ready to take it up a notch or two, move to inspiring and energizing music and experience the fun being put into functional movement

* want to know how to move dynamically and safely for life

* are keen to continue prioritizing this area of their health and learn essential skills to last you a lifetime

Each week consists of 30 minutes working up a sweat, combined with strengthening and stretching. 


Securing your place

30 minutes x 6 classes = £48

Each course gives you access to all the pre-recorded videos, with bonus Release and HITT classes! Alongside the weekly links you become part of a supportive, fun Whats App group to keep you motivated, where any question is welcome.

Next course starts Sunday 13th June 2021

Live class dates: alternate Tuesdays at 7.30-8.15pm and Mondays at 9.15-10am

If you would like to try one week before you commit to a block of 6 weeks, please just message me below!

Questions about Holistic Core Restore® Heat?