Holistic Core Restore® Fit to Run/Walk


Specifically designed for us by our Clinical Lead and Women’s Health Physiotherapist – Michelle Lyons, this course is full of foundational skills and knowledge to help build you from the ground up!

Whether you are new to running, an injured runner or are looking to return to running, you can be reassured that this 6 week course takes into consideration your pelvic health, mobility and core, after all women are DIFFERENT to men!

So why would this course be the best place to start?

Foot and Ankle Mobility – this is where we start and over the course I will help you build resilience in your calves and shins, improving your knees and hips, gaining mobility in your spine and pelvis and showing you how to put it all together.

Couch to 5k – this is where I started 2 years ago in my own running journey and the great news is that the Fit to Run/Walk course works perfectly alongside this skill and strengthening app and gives you a better starting point to prevent injury.

Walking – we forget that this is exercise and maybe you are not able to run but would like to strengthen your walking skills, help stop your ankles rolling or build up the strength in your legs. If so this is a perfect course for you.

I’m not guaranteeing you’ll never pick up another running/walking injury but I want to show you how to ‘control your controllables’ when it comes to the most common injuries women who run have to deal with.

This 6 week course is broken down in weekly sections and we cover;

Week 1: Foot and Ankle Mobility and Strength for Female Runners

Week 2: Calves and Shins – Self Care for Female Athletes

Week 3: Building Better Knees – Mastering Your ‘Kneehab’

Week 4: Hip Strength and Mobility for Female Runners

Week 5: Lumbopelvic Mobility for Female Runners

Week 6: Putting It All Together with Plyometrics

Securing your place

Cost of the 6 week course: £84

The course is run virtually via Zoom, straight to your home

Alongside the six one hour classes you will gain:

a weekly home practice video to do throughout the week,

be part of a supportive Whats App Group,

weekly emails containing extra support and advice.

Next course starts; Wednesday 16th June for 6 weeks at 7.30pm

Questions about Holistic Core Restore® Fit To Run/Walk?