Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis 


If you’ve had a baby, no matter how long ago and you have a Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and/or feel disconnected to your Core and/or Pelvic Floor, then the Diastasis programme is for you.

Healing a Diastasis Recti is a whole body issue, it’s not just about exercise, it’s not just about the woman’s tummy and it’s not just about the gap! A deep assessment is required to start with, then a programme that focusses on nutrition for healing, breathing strategy and postural alignment, all need to be considered.

This programme will address:

* a small diastasis

* a feeling of disconnection or weakness in your core

* pelvic floor weakness that may have resulted in leaking when you run, laugh or lift

In Holistic Core Restore® we guide you in a process that will improve the way your tummy looks, feels and works, help you improve back pain, reconnect your pelvic floor so that you can feel and function better.

This programme is dedicated to helping the client understand what’s happened. Knowing the why’s and what’s matter!

This is a 1:1 programme because it is designed just for you.

Throughout the programme we use a combination of postural alignment, functional exercises, nutrition and self care, creating a bespoke programme that will address all of the areas that you personally need to work on.

We will have five one-to-one sessions over a nine week period. The first session will last for 1.5 hours and include a deep pre-screening and assessment. Remaining sessions will be 1 hour and will be every couple of weeks. You’ll also receive your education booklet and fitness kit, and you’ll also get your own BESPOKE practice to be done in between sessions.

Once you have completed the programme, there is also the option of continuing onto the Phase 2 programme where we will work on integrating more exercise back into your life again safely and effectively.

“I would highly recommend the Holistic Core Restore course for anybody who is suffering with a weak pelvic floor and/or stomach diastasis. At the beginning of the course I suffered with bad lower back pain (due to weak stomach muscles) and this has now gone. Ali is so knowledgeable and tailored the programme to suit my needs”

Mum of three, Diastasis Programme 1:1

Securing your place

Programme cost for Phase One (five sessions) = £255 (instalments available)

Programme cost for Phase Two (four sessions) = £200

 To check availability for this programme or to discuss further please contact Ali using the form below

Questions about the Diastasis Programme?