Breathing Workshop


Feel like you can never take a full breath, your anxiety breathing is all in your chest or maybe you know that deep breathing is a fantastic way to de-stress and relax but not sure how to breathe deeply.

In this 60 minute ‘hands on’ workshop we talk and educate you about:

* why it is important to deep breath and the positive effects

* how your posture can affect your ability to breathe deeply

* what 360 breathing is and how to visualise this great method

* how your body is all connected

* practice skills you can take home

You will be an active participant in this workshop, there is nothing that raises the heart rate but enough to get you thinking and feeling the differences – straight away!

“I would highly recommend Ali’s breathing workshop, designed to educate on deep breathing techniques: it includes lots of practical tips and leaves you feeling very relaxed. Thank you, Ali”

Member of WI Group, Breathing Workshop

Securing your place

75 minute workshop = £20

Live streamed to your home, via Zoom

Next workshop: Saturday 20th March 2021 (9.30-10.45am) 

To check availability for the next workshop please contact Ali using the form below


Questions about a Breathing Workshop?