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Improving Pelvic Floor, Core Functionality & Diastasis Recovery



Have you experienced a small leak when you run or jump and wish you did not have to think about wearing pads.

Struggling to know where to turn to for help with a tummy gap (diastasis) and would like to feel strong from the inside out again.

Or is your back ache/pain related to a weak core and you would like to reduce the aches and gain some connection to your whole core – if so, please read on…

Hi, I’m Ali

I’m Ali Burlingham a Women’s Wellbeing Coach based in Long Ashton, South Bristol. I am really passionate about women’s health and wellness at every life stage, helping educate and support women to reconnect to their bodies both physically and mentally, and work from the inside out.

Having had three children between 2001-2007, my desire to work in this industry only grew stronger. This passion came from the lack of knowledge available in pregnancy, minimal advice about what to expect after birth, where to seek advice for my recovery, alongside how to care for my body long term.

All of my own experience has led me to retrain over the past 6 years to help women who are in the same situation as I was. The training I have undertaken is detailed, evidence and research based so that I know the programmes I offer are some of the best.

I provide workshops, 1:1 and group courses to women from pregnancy to postnatal, years after a baby to peri-menopause, menopause and beyond.

Ways in which I help you with your pelvic floor, core functionality & diastasis recovery

I offer group programmes, 1:1 programmes and workshops. To find out more click the buttons below, or to have a chat about any of these programmes, or for some help with choosing which programme might work best for you, you can contact me via the links at the bottom of this page.

NEW Fit to Run Workshop

Thursday 18th February 2021

Live streaming to your home


This FREE workshop outlines the new and exciting Fit to Run course, which helps build the deep foundations for your running habits that truly support your pelvic global health!

Learn more

Heat Classes

Starts again Monday 22nd February 2021

Live streaming to your home

(online course with live classes)

Heat is where we have finally nailed exercise for fat loss that is also Pelvic Floor friendly! This workout truly hits all the fat loss markers and jump starts your metabolism to keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session.

Learn more

EveryWoman Course

starts Monday 22nd February 2021 

Live streaming to your home


This is the ultimate 6-12 week programme designed for women at all stages who want to work on pelvic floor, core and overall health with a functional exercise programme

Learn more


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